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How to Rise to the Top Inspired by the Brazilian Investment Guru Roberto Santiago

Many investors are still holding on to their dreams waiting to launch them and become the next big thing in the states. What they don’t understand is that the secret to success is the bravery to begin with where you are and rise to the top. It is all about creativity, diligence, discipline, and confidence. Roberto Santiago, advice young business persons to go out and actualize their dreams.

Advice coming from Roberto Santiago is by no means something to ignore. Santiago is a Brazilian business person who has gone against all the laws and odds of life to achieve his goals. Santiago owns two of the largest malls in Brazil. That is the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall that is named after him and the Mangeira Mall.

Santiago is popularly known because of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. It is encouraging to note that he built this venture in his early 30’s. The success of Santiago can be attributed to his ability to get things done, believing in himself, dedication and commitment, creativity and putting all his effort in everything he decides to do in his life.

Roberto Santiago, now 58 years old, has many talents. He has received many awards for his motorcycle championship. He is actively involved in sports. Santiago has also been a writer all his life. Before the mall business, he was known to the people because of his blogging activities. He is very creative, and his article pieces are utterly interesting and informative. Besides being a proficient writer, he is also a video producer.

Santiago has always accomplished success in everything he tries out. After his education, he landed a café job at Santa Rosa. It is through this job that he learned the importance of money and the art of saving. He later began his cartonnage company. The cartonnage company is considered the foundation of his career success. It was Santiago’s first venture.

He saved enough to buy land on which, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall was built on in 1987. He launched the mall in 1989.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall is the center of Joao Pessoa entertainment. The mall is designed to fit the needs of all ages. It has all the facilities that are needed to ensure the occupants have fun.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has very tight security. This is why the mall is not associated with any insecurity issues. The occupants of Joao Pessoa can now shop and have fun under one roof.

The great Brazilian investor has promised his people more investments. With the high innovation skills of Santiago, no one knows what to expect. One simple fact they know is, it is going to be a surprise that is worth the wait.


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