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Securus Technologies keeps prisons safer with its video visitation technology

Ask any corrections officer in the United States today what that most serious threats they have to deal with are, and many of them will tell you that it’s an inmate who has lost all hope. Inmates who no longer have anything to live for pose serious security threats to the institutions in which they’re housed. In addition to this, gang members looking to make a name for themselves, are also a serious threat. Oftentimes, these gang members are carrying out orders from higher-ups or shot callers, who are able to communicate with soldiers and people outside of the prison, bringing in contraband, drugs and even weapons.


What all of these things have in common is that they are being rapidly and effectively diminished by the advent of video visitation technology. Securus Technologies, the developer of the most innovative and technologically-advanced video visitation platform in the country today, has been rolling out its video visitation products over the last decade. Studies have shown that prisons that have implemented Securus Technologies’ video visitation have lower rates of disciplinary infractions as well as higher rates of reintegration for inmates housed there that are released back into society.


One of the ways in which Securus’ video visitation system is preventing crime within prisons is through creating a highly cherished privilege for inmates. Prisoners who are allowed to maintain frequent contact with family, friends and loved ones on the outside are often highly incentivized not to lose that privilege. This can create a powerful means to prevent inmates from slipping into antisocial or risky behaviors within the institution.


Other way by which Securus’ video visitation platform fighting crime is through the deployment of artificial intelligence algorithms that can sift through conversations automatically, determining if banned parties have taking part in conversations or illicit transactions are taking place.


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