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How Doe Deere Went From Novelty Tattoos to Makeup Products

Doe Deere is the founder of the makeup company known as Lime Crime. She has been a successful entrepreneur for many years. It all started when she discovered temporary tattoos as a young girl. She loved wearing them to school because they allowed her to stand out from the crowd. Doe was able to convince her classmates to purchase the temporary tattoos from her. Her classmates enjoyed wearing the tattoos, and she was able to gain experience in the business world at a young age.


Doe registered the name “limecrime” on eBay back in 2004, and she intended to introduce her DIY fashion line on this account. She modeled the bright and unique outfits herself, and she needed colorful makeup to complete the look. However, it was difficult to find makeup in unusual colors. It was this very problem that gave her the idea to start her own makeup company in 2008.


Doe Deere is a very active business woman in the Lime Crime headquarters. She holds several meetings throughout the day to ensure her staff is on the same page. The work day continues even after she is finished with her meetings. She may focus on answering emails and marketing her products, or she may test the makeup to ensure the products are good enough for her fans.


If you are like many other fans, you are hoping to go into business for yourself. Doe Deere enjoys encouraging others to follow their dreams rather than keeping the secrets to success to herself. Her first piece of advice is to be able to grow and adapt to any changes to your business. The second tip is to address problems by determining the pros and cons of every solution. She also suggests listening to your employees when discussing ideas. Learn more: http://www.doedeere.com/


Lime Crime offers different makeup products in unique and vibrant shades. The lip products include Velvetines, Perlees and Diamond Crushers, and the shades include Blue Flames, Asphalt and Cheap Thrill. You can also find eyeshadow palettes in a variety of shades to create your perfect look. Brighten your look with the different Hi-Lite Palettes, which include shades such as Pink, Sparkling Lavender and Warm Gold. The selection also includes Pop-On Nails and Unicorn Hair Dye in vibrant colors. Their goal is to create products that allow you to showcase your personality, from bright and cheerful to dark and mysterious.


It took Doe Deere many years to get where she is today. She works with her staff to create makeup products that are beautiful, unique and fun for everyone. It was her passion and hard work that turned a young girl selling temporary tattoos into a business woman with her own makeup company. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/doe-deere/


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