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Waiakea Water Gives Life

Out of all the beverages in the world, bottled water remains the most adored by consumers across the divide. Based on the high demand for the commodity, Ryan Emmons had no other choice other than to setup what is now known as the Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. Unlike any other type of bottled water, the water packaged by Waiakea is naturally rich in nutrients, hence its popularity. Since 2012, production at Waiakea has more than quadrupled with the company experiencing a growth rate of more than 4000% over a span of five years. Since the water packaged by Waiakea comes from a natural source that also happens to be one of the purest on earth, consumers have readily fallen in love with the product.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Waiakea brand has taken the world by surprise. Today, the water company boasts of assets amounting to more than $10 million. Water bottled by Waiakea has also been found to possess medicinal properties, solely because of the presence of silica, a mineral best known to help avert the adverse effects of Alzheimer’s. With an average PH value of 8.4, Waiakea’s water is alkaline, meaning that once consumed it aids in the homeostatic adjustment of the body. Since Waiakea has always been about advocating for sustainable practices, it only packages its water in eco-friendly containers. Over the years, Waiakea has taken up many charitable courses helping the African country of Malawi gain access to clean and potable water by sinking wells.

According to Inc 5000, Waiakea ranks at number 414 out of 5000 companies, making it one of the fastest growing institutions in the United States of America. Based on the short time that Waiakea has been in existence, it is performing way better than Timberland, Zappos, Patagonia, and GoPro among other high ranking corporations. Today, Waiakea is considered an award winning brand basing its success on its values and principles that always act as a guide to realizing particular goals and objectives. Waiakea, which began as an idea, is now an internationally recognized company that is giving other veteran corporations a run for their money.

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