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Dr. Weisfogel’s Innovations in Sleep Apnea Treatment

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist and sleep specialist responsible for developing the Dental Sleep Masters program. Sleep is essential for body rejuvenation, and an average person requires seven to nine hours of sleep. Sleep specialists’ discourage people from sleeping less than six hours a night as it affects both your appearance and health. Signs of a person having an inadequate sleep are drooping of the corners of the mouth and an exhausted look seen through sagging eyelids, swollen or red eyes and dark circles under the eyes.

Other serious signs of prolonged lack of sleep include hair loss, wrinkles, and a dull complexion. Hair loss is brought about when blood flow slows down such that the follicles of the hair do not receive the nourishment they require when on periods of sleep thus hair weakens and breaks. Wrinkles, being another sign of inadequate sleep, appear when collagen, a protein responsible for restoring the skin is not produced adequately due to lack of sleep. The skin also looks drier, and one develops dull complexions such as a barren appearance.

The condition that prevents sleep is called sleep apnea. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is an experienced doctor in treating this condition. He even instructs lessons to other physicians through a program called “Healthy Heart Sleep” of this knowledge. Dr. Weisfogel also founded the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient, an organization whose aim is to educate other physicians on methods on how to care for patients having sleep disorders.

Dr. Weisfogel discovered that sleep apnea patients could be assisted get a better sleep using some oral devices and thus developed the Dental Sleep Masters program, which brings together dental and sleep disorders. The oral devices are constructed for each since humans have different jaw structures. The devices allow air to pass into the body of the patient by keeping the airway open and avoiding disturbances to the sleeping patient. In his early life, Dr. Weisfogel attended Rutgers University where he acquired Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Psychology. He after that joined New York University and gained a DDS in Dentistry. From graduation, he began Old Bridge Dental Care.

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