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Preventing Crimes in the City with Securus Technologies

I am part of an elite task force that has only one objective, finding fugitives and getting then into custody and away from the residents of the city. This month we had our hands full with a suspect who was holding up local businesses at gun point and not afraid to let authorities know that he was not going to back down despite their efforts. We got notification from the suspect via a phone message that if we did not back off, he was going to make innocent people suffer as a result.


On a recent trip to the prison, my team was informed that Securus Technologies was in town updating the inmate phone communication system. I have heard good things about this Dallas-based company and CEO Richard Smith, and our team aligns with the same objective of those 1,000 employees at Securus Technologies, making the world a safer place. Perhaps this was something that could help us in our efforts to get this very dangerous fugitive off the streets and into his very own concrete cell where he wont be able to do anyone hard from now on.


It wasn’t long after the call monitoring system was installed that we started to hear chatter about our suspect. It appears that he made a few enemies along the way, and one inmate was insistent that his family not allow the suspect to use their land to hide. We put in a call immediately to officers that they get to and surround the property immediately. There was no way he would get away if he was anywhere on that property. That tip was key in getting a team to that location and grabbing the suspect in the middle of the night while he was asleep and unaware we had 20 officers armed to the teeth ready to go to war.


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