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A Wedding to Remember with Kim Dao

Kim Dao is a beauty Youtube blogger. She has a vlog called “Wedding with my boyfriend.” It starts out with her riding in the car with her boyfriend. They are headed to a friend’s wedding in Australia. Kim Dao mentions that’s a big reason she went back to Australia. The wedding is around a winery area. It is a nice and hot day, perfect weather for a wedding. They are given huge umbrellas to provide shade from the sun. Kim Dao and her friends all gather in the car to head to the restaurant. They find the gift table and Kim Dao facebook.com puts her card in the gift box. They look at the pictures on the table as well. They go outside and take photos. It is not as hot as before. They go back inside to welcome the bride and groom. The bride is enjoying herself. The cake is shown, it is a 3 layer cake. Kim Dao puts the photo she took with her friends on the photo wall with the rest of the wedding photos. The bride and groom cuts and tastes the cake together. They also share a dance together.


Kim Dao myinterviews.com.au is at her boyfriend’s house. They are about to go to sleep because they are tired from the wedding. They both agree that the wedding was fun. Kim Dao says it was nice seeing her high school friend again. She loves weddings. Her and her boyfriend has plans for the next day. She ends the vlog.


Her Vlog: https://youtu.be/RmXhczA5e7Y


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