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Do Good Institute, Creating the Next Generation of Non-Profit Entrepreneurs

Do Good Institute, at the University of Maryland, is an unprecedented approach to expose undergraduate students to the world of non-profit and volunteering. The goal is to create a new wave of non-profit business leaders.

Former Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson took the initiative to the University and seeded $75 million with his wife Karen. His motive is to provide opportunities to the students who are passionate about community service and helping people. The goal is to provide them with necessary skills and competitiveness to be successful in philanthropy as is needed in all businesses.

Since launched in 2010, the initiative has gained tremendous momentum and for the Fall of 2017, majoring in the field is offered. In a report by PR News, the program has already generated a group of non-profit organizations created by former students. It is fulfilling its mission to transform the campus into a Do Good campus where every student is motivated to give back.

It also may change the landscape of a higher education. Virtually all courses can be offered online (brucelevenson.com), which can make the on-campus higher education model obsolete. According to Levenson, Do Good Institute is giving a real reason for 21st century model of campus learning to exist. He wishes to make the Institute as a template so that other schools could replicate. He truly believes that it will be transformational and other campuses will follow the trend.

Bruce Levenson is a co-founder of United Communications Group and has been active in various philanthropic organizations throughout his career.

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