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Why More People are Studying Kabbalah Today

Several Hollywood stars showed interested in the Kabbalah Centre at one point. This is because of Madonna and the commitment that she had shown to the center. The teachings of Kabbalah transformed Madonna. She opened a Kabbalah Center. Some of the celebrities who were influenced by Madonna’s decision included Britney Spears, the late Elizabeth Taylor, the late Marilyn Monroe, and Paris Hilton. People wondered why the Jewish teachings had led many individuals to take it up and even convert to Judaism.

Paris Hilton told the More Magazine that she would not have made it through her breakup with Nick Carter if she had not gone to the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles immediately. Hilton said that she went there often and was able to cope with life because of it. The Los Angeles Times interviewed Sandra Bernhard. She stated that Kabbalah removed the chaos in her life. The website of the Kabbalah Center describes the teachings as wisdom that gives one the tools to experience, fulfillment, and joy. It goes on to say that the students get the deepest insights into God’s essence and the purpose of creation. It provides a structure of the universe and an understanding of the events in our lives.

The late Sammy Davis said that he joined the Kabbalah Centre because he wanted to experience the ancient culture. Sammy hoped that this would help him to find inner strength and meaning in life. Kabbalah led the late Elizabeth Taylor to convert to Judaism, support the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and become an advocate for Israel. The history of the Kabbalah Center began in 1922 when Rav Yehuda Ashlag decided to bring Kabbalah to the United States. Rav Yehuda passed the torch to Rav Brandwein after he died. Rav Brandwein was succeeded by Rav Berg.

The headquarters of the Kabbalah Center is in Los Angeles. It has numerous centers worldwide. This is in line with their mission of spreading the teachings of Kabbalah to the whole world. The Kabbalah Center is involved in charitable initiatives. It has supported the victims of calamities by providing relief aid.


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