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Arthur Becker- A Model in Entrepreneurship

Arthur Becker graduated from Bennington College with pre-med, photography and ceramics. Arthur also attended Amos Tuck for business studies. Arthur’s career started off by moving 18th century American real estate in New England. He later became the CEO of two reputable technology companies. In the late 1990’s, Becker went back to photography and begun producing images that were unlike those whose perspective was limited by the conventional camera lens. Arthur’s work has featured at the Hal Katzen and Morgan Walker Fine Art in New York, Art Basel, and Palm Beach’s Arcature Fine Art.

Career Profile

Arthur is the current managing member at Madison Partners, LLC, http://madisonpartners.nyc/ . This is an investment firm that deals with real estate and bio-tech ventures. Becker formerly worked at Zinio LLC as its CEO and chairman, between the years 2012 and 2015. Zinio LLC is the world’s biggest digital newsstand. Before joining Zinio, Becker worked at NaviSite as its CEO. Navisite is a firm involved with providing internet technology services. Arthur also worked at Vera Wang Fashion as a private investor in real estate and technology for 7 years.

Arthur Becker’s recent work is based on popular currency images, altering textural surfaces to mix colors of luxury fashion brands with the precise folding of original currency into origami. See, arthurbeckerstudio.com

Where Did Arthur Get the Idea of Establishing Madison Partners LLC?

During his time at NaviSite and Zinio, Arthur reveals that he was exposed to both real estate and technology. In 2011, after he sold NaviSite, he chose to expand his real estate interests and invest in developing condomiums in Miami, New York, and Florida. Arthur also confesses that he has been exposed to many bio-tech organizations and has developed a fascination for the evolving trend in bio-technology, economic opportunities, and the need to impact the lives of people.

What are Arthur’s Recommendations to Entrepreneurs?

According to Arthur, one should have intelligent and informed tenacity, flexibility in one’s business strategy, and be attentive to the market and to one’s colleagues. Furthermore, a good strategy should take a business angle. He further states that talent is a major contributor of success. Therefore, a successful entrepreneur is one who identifies talent, and persuades talented people to acknowledge their vision. For more info, view Arthur‘s Linked In bio.

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