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Fabletics’ Unique Strategies Bears Remarkable Success

Although it is hard to compete with Amazon, Fabletics have gone against the odds to become a big competitor of Amazon. Fabletics has left many people shocked by their rapid growth in a period of just three years. The fashion industry is controlled by Amazon making it difficult for new entrepreneurs to succeed. Amazon controls over 20% of the fashion e-commerce market. However, Kate Hudson Fabletics is succeeding against the odds. In just three years, the firm has grown to become a $250 million enterprise. Fabletics uses a subscription platform to sell its products to their customers. The platform is simple, convenient and offers clients with powerful combinations.


For a long time, superior brands have been associated with prices and quality. However, with the shift in economics, price and quality are no longer to guarantee a brand a competitive advantage. Customer tastes and preferences now define what is considered to be of high value. For instance, customer experience, brand recognition, last-mile services, gamification elements and exclusive designs are becoming the key determinants of brand value.


Just like Apple and Warby Parker, excellent position of their offices is rewarding. By the end of 2016, the organization was planning to open more stores to add to the 16 already existing stores in California, Florida, Hawaii, and Illinois. According to Fabletics general manager, the success of Fabletics is as a result of designing imaginative high brand value as opposed to the conventional high-value products. Moreover, offering on-demand fashion at half the prices offered by their competitors makes their consumers happy and thus the rapid growth. Affordability of their products, use of enterprise technology, and application of data science has spurred Fabletics to these incredible heights.


Strategies Used By Fabletics


Reverse Showrooming-Fabletics have mastered the art of showrooming. Unlike their competitors, Fabletics have gained considerably from using reverse showrooming. The strategy used at Fabletics allows them to build relationships, increase their reliability, and get to know the markets better.


Stocking on demand products- Fabletics uses local online data to stock their physical stores. The online data enables the firm to understand customer preferences and tastes allowing them to products that are on demand. Their stores are stocked using data from local members, social media, real-time sales activities and store heat mapping.


Focus on accessibility, culture, and people- excellent balance of lifestyle, customer experience and consumer education has been the major factor contributing to the growth of Fabletics. Quality products at affordable prices and creative workforce increase the firm’s competitive ability.


What Do Consumers Think Of Fabletics?


Fabletics consumers have rated the company using five key attributes, ease of use, quality, style, customer service, and value. The quality of the products offered by Fabletics beats the consumer expectations. Moreover, the style offered by Fabletics is impressive. With a wide range of styles, everyone can get a style they like. Considering the price versus the quality, the value you get from shopping at Fabletics is a great deal. Additionally, Fabletics have excellent customer service, which allows consumers to reach them easily. Their website is easy to navigate making it easy for customers to place an order.

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