How Doe Deere Went From Novelty Tattoos to Makeup Products

Doe Deere is the founder of the makeup company known as Lime Crime. She has been a successful entrepreneur for many years. It all started when she discovered temporary tattoos as a young girl. She loved wearing them to school because they allowed her to stand out from the crowd. Doe was able to convince her classmates to purchase the temporary tattoos from her. Her classmates enjoyed wearing the tattoos, and she was able to gain experience in the business world at a young age.


Doe registered the name “limecrime” on eBay back in 2004, and she intended to introduce her DIY fashion line on this account. She modeled the bright and unique outfits herself, and she needed colorful makeup to complete the look. However, it was difficult to find makeup in unusual colors. It was this very problem that gave her the idea to start her own makeup company in 2008.


Doe Deere is a very active business woman in the Lime Crime headquarters. She holds several meetings throughout the day to ensure her staff is on the same page. The work day continues even after she is finished with her meetings. She may focus on answering emails and marketing her products, or she may test the makeup to ensure the products are good enough for her fans.


If you are like many other fans, you are hoping to go into business for yourself. Doe Deere enjoys encouraging others to follow their dreams rather than keeping the secrets to success to herself. Her first piece of advice is to be able to grow and adapt to any changes to your business. The second tip is to address problems by determining the pros and cons of every solution. She also suggests listening to your employees when discussing ideas. Learn more:


Lime Crime offers different makeup products in unique and vibrant shades. The lip products include Velvetines, Perlees and Diamond Crushers, and the shades include Blue Flames, Asphalt and Cheap Thrill. You can also find eyeshadow palettes in a variety of shades to create your perfect look. Brighten your look with the different Hi-Lite Palettes, which include shades such as Pink, Sparkling Lavender and Warm Gold. The selection also includes Pop-On Nails and Unicorn Hair Dye in vibrant colors. Their goal is to create products that allow you to showcase your personality, from bright and cheerful to dark and mysterious.


It took Doe Deere many years to get where she is today. She works with her staff to create makeup products that are beautiful, unique and fun for everyone. It was her passion and hard work that turned a young girl selling temporary tattoos into a business woman with her own makeup company. Learn more:


Dr. Weisfogel’s Innovations in Sleep Apnea Treatment

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist and sleep specialist responsible for developing the Dental Sleep Masters program. Sleep is essential for body rejuvenation, and an average person requires seven to nine hours of sleep. Sleep specialists’ discourage people from sleeping less than six hours a night as it affects both your appearance and health. Signs of a person having an inadequate sleep are drooping of the corners of the mouth and an exhausted look seen through sagging eyelids, swollen or red eyes and dark circles under the eyes.

Other serious signs of prolonged lack of sleep include hair loss, wrinkles, and a dull complexion. Hair loss is brought about when blood flow slows down such that the follicles of the hair do not receive the nourishment they require when on periods of sleep thus hair weakens and breaks. Wrinkles, being another sign of inadequate sleep, appear when collagen, a protein responsible for restoring the skin is not produced adequately due to lack of sleep. The skin also looks drier, and one develops dull complexions such as a barren appearance.

The condition that prevents sleep is called sleep apnea. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is an experienced doctor in treating this condition. He even instructs lessons to other physicians through a program called “Healthy Heart Sleep” of this knowledge. Dr. Weisfogel also founded the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient, an organization whose aim is to educate other physicians on methods on how to care for patients having sleep disorders.

Dr. Weisfogel discovered that sleep apnea patients could be assisted get a better sleep using some oral devices and thus developed the Dental Sleep Masters program, which brings together dental and sleep disorders. The oral devices are constructed for each since humans have different jaw structures. The devices allow air to pass into the body of the patient by keeping the airway open and avoiding disturbances to the sleeping patient. In his early life, Dr. Weisfogel attended Rutgers University where he acquired Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Psychology. He after that joined New York University and gained a DDS in Dentistry. From graduation, he began Old Bridge Dental Care.

Waiakea Water Gives Life

Out of all the beverages in the world, bottled water remains the most adored by consumers across the divide. Based on the high demand for the commodity, Ryan Emmons had no other choice other than to setup what is now known as the Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. Unlike any other type of bottled water, the water packaged by Waiakea is naturally rich in nutrients, hence its popularity. Since 2012, production at Waiakea has more than quadrupled with the company experiencing a growth rate of more than 4000% over a span of five years. Since the water packaged by Waiakea comes from a natural source that also happens to be one of the purest on earth, consumers have readily fallen in love with the product.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Waiakea brand has taken the world by surprise. Today, the water company boasts of assets amounting to more than $10 million. Water bottled by Waiakea has also been found to possess medicinal properties, solely because of the presence of silica, a mineral best known to help avert the adverse effects of Alzheimer’s. With an average PH value of 8.4, Waiakea’s water is alkaline, meaning that once consumed it aids in the homeostatic adjustment of the body. Since Waiakea has always been about advocating for sustainable practices, it only packages its water in eco-friendly containers. Over the years, Waiakea has taken up many charitable courses helping the African country of Malawi gain access to clean and potable water by sinking wells.

According to Inc 5000, Waiakea ranks at number 414 out of 5000 companies, making it one of the fastest growing institutions in the United States of America. Based on the short time that Waiakea has been in existence, it is performing way better than Timberland, Zappos, Patagonia, and GoPro among other high ranking corporations. Today, Waiakea is considered an award winning brand basing its success on its values and principles that always act as a guide to realizing particular goals and objectives. Waiakea, which began as an idea, is now an internationally recognized company that is giving other veteran corporations a run for their money.

Why I Use Securus

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986. Since then, they have acquired nine companies in their umbrella and have become one of the largest prison calling companies in the United States. With this history behind them, it’s no wonder that the prison system that my daughter is being incarcerated in uses them for their calling needs.


Lately, there has been a lot of talk. My daughter prefers to write than call, but that’s okay. She’s told me a lot about what’s going on in the Securus world, since they’re kept sort of update on the news. They do get some internet or television time if they’re good. At least, that’s what my daughter reassures me of.


That said, something very interesting has come up in the newspapers I receive lately. Securus has been taking their competitors customers at a rate of $4 spent at Securus to $1 spent at their competitor. This is something that I find intriguing. It’s most likely due to a variety of things. I’ve used Securus systems a few times, and I have found them to be a very good company.


They have one of the best video visitation systems in the world. My daughter is incarcerated about 100 miles away. That’s a lot of gas money to spend. How would I be able to see her as often as I do without that? I wouldn’t, that’s how.


How IDLife Has Grown In The Vitamins And Supplements Industry

The IDLife Company is an outstanding network marketing firm that is focused on offering excellent products that improve health and vitality. The main offices of the enterprise are located in Frisco, Texas. The company is committed to providing personalized nutritional supplement formulations to its clients since it understands that no product can be ideal for everyone. It attains this by offering online assessments that ask them health-based questions. The questionnaire that the firm provides asks people about their personal life, dietary, lifestyle, physical, medications, and medical history. The assessment is necessary since the body chemistry of every individual is unique.

The products that are offered by the network marketing firm have a 30 days money back guarantee. They provide different nutritional supplements that are used for curing various diseases. The products that are offered by IDLife are not regulated or approved by FDA, and therefore, one would need to check with a primary care expert to know the ingredients.

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IDLife is striving to be among the leaders in the vitamin and supplement market that currently generates more than $23 billion in the United States. The sector is highly divided, and its top five firms have occupied about 20 percent of the market. IDLife uses a network marketing business model that involves selling products from the manufacturer to the consumers. Clients who use its products refer people that they may know and keep the profit margins. According to research, network marketing led to sells worth more than $157 billion in 2011. The United States had about 15.6 million direct selling suppliers who made about $29.87 billion from selling products in retail.

The health care products manufacturer has different types of supplements. They include the IDLife Skin Care, IDLife EnergyShot, IDLife Shake, IDLife Sleep, IDLife Kids, IDLife Appetite Control, and IDLife Nutrition. All these products are committed to making sure that people lead a healthy life. IDLife is served by competent executives. They include Logan Stout who is the CEO, Mark Bennett who is the General Counsel and COO, and Joe O’ Connor who is the CFO. The excellence of the company has enabled it to attract various top investors.

Amicus Therapeutics: Science Leads to Answers

Amicus Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company that is a part of the New Jersey community. They have recently worked closely with the FDA to approve a new oral medication for Fabry disease, which was a milestone for those living with this disease. That is a part of the work that Amicus Therapeutics does, to better the life’s of others through their hard work and cooperation with other agencies such as the U.S. FDA. On the Amicus Therapeutics website, they state that they put patients first, that science is at the core of their business, and that they work hard to discover treatments for the most devastating diseases.

Amicus Therapeutics portfolio of programs includes a locating treatment for Fabry disease and Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) and Pompe disease. Amicus Therapeutics strives to deliver significant benefits to patients and to better their lives by coming up with answers to their questions about their difficult diseases that they live with day in and day out. They announced the launch of new drug and is set to be launched later in 2017. This drug that was created by Amicus Therapeutics is backed by NDA and hopefully by the FDA soon. By careful research, they have created this drug to slow the progression of Fabry disease and to lessen the symptoms such as heart disease and kidney failure and to prolong health for those that were unfortunate to be diagnosed.

Amicus Therapeutics has made significant breakthroughs in both slowing progressions and successfully mitigating symptoms of horrible but lesser known diseases. They have a second research facility in San Diego and despite having some funding and partnering setbacks, they have carried out their goal in helping those whose diseases take over every aspect of their lives (Facebook). Amicus Therapeutics were built and stand upon that regime of hard working scientific research to help them dig deeper into different diseases and how to cure people in need.

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Osteo Relief Institute Arthritis Treatments

Arthritis affects more than 50 million adults in the United States. It affects women more than men and is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and occurs when cartilage degenerates between joints.

With cartilage wearing down, there is more bone on bone interaction and this is the cause of the pain associated with osteoarthritis. People who are overweight, have a family history of osteoarthritis, their age and previous injuries all can contribute to getting osteoarthritis. People who are experiencing pain caused by osteoarthritis can try to lose weight, stop smoking, avoid repetitive movements, get up and take walking breaks when working or watching TV and stretching before bed to help alleviate symptoms. Exercising is good for strengthening muscles around joints, and walking, swimming and cycling can help with that with low impact on the joints themselves. Medications, physical therapy and even surgery may be needed in some cases.

The Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey offers state of the art technology and medical techniques to help relieve patients of knee pain without surgery. The Osteo Relief Institute offers a no fee introductory screening to evaluate if their treatments could offer patients relief from knee joint pain.

When assessing a patients knee pain, the skilled team at the Osteo Relief Institute will assess the whole patient, from medical past and previous injuries to family history and current ailments. It is important to know the entire person before making an assessment. After a patient profile is established, the team will formulate the most effective plan for the patient. It is important to everyone at the Osteo Relief Institute to get their patients back to living their lives as quickly as possible and they will work closely with the patient to achieve this goal.

The Osteo Relief Institute also may recommend strengthening the quadriceps in order to alleviate some of the impact made on the knee joint. Simple and low impact exercises may be introduced and physical therapy may be needed to get these muscles back into shape.


How Does Hussain Sajwani Make His Middle Eastern Homeland Better?

The Middle East is a host of many different cities and developments. The region has grown quite a lot with help from people such as the Hussain Sajwani family, and this article explains how they are making this region a better place to live or work. Someone who comes to large cities of the Middle East will see his buildings, and they will wonder who has made something so beautiful.


#1: Serving As DAMAC Owner


Hussain has been the owner of the company for some time, and he has spent many years learning how to build a better Middle East. The area itself is quite difficult to navigate simply because of the way that it has been built, and someone who wishes to make changes to the way they live may move into one of his buildings or start their business there. Hussain is open to all progress, and he has shown that there are many ways to progress in Middle Eastern society.


#2: Who Does He Know?


Hussain is acquainted with a great many people who will find it easy to help with large projects. He knows the President of the United States, and he is connected across many channels in the Middle Eastern world. He knows how to complete projects in the proper manner, and he will ensure that his partners are made a part of each new thing he wants to build.


#3: Creating New Cities


Hussain does not build cities so much as he helps them improve. A building or two that have been created by Hussain may be used to change the skyline of a city, and someone who is looking over these cities will be impressed to find that they have grown to such amazing heights because of his help. These cities have a new image, and Hussain continues to build around each project.


The DAMAC Properties buildings that have spread across the Middle East are some of the finest in all the world. Anyone who wishes to make a change to their living or working situation may come to these lovely buildings created by Hussain Sajwani.


Visit for more details.

A preview of Amicus Therapeutics

Amicus Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company established in 2002 at Cranbury New Jersey. In 2008, Amicus Therapeutics expanded from its single location site in New Jersey to a second research Centre in San Diego. The biotechnology company seeks to treat a range of rare and orphaned disorders. The company product manufacturing systems are anchored on the chaperone advanced replacement therapy (CHART) integrated to enzyme replacement therapies. Amicus Therapeutics enjoys a robust development pipeline program for the treatment of a wide range of human genetic disorders. Additionally, the company had deployed the latest technologies and medicines to cure people with devastating conditions ( Further, the company envisions to positively impact on the lives of their clients, with the need of patients with rare diseases being the Centre of their incentive science.




Some of the lead products at Amicus Therapeutics include:

  • Migalastat. A lead product targeted to individuals suffering from Fraby disease, based on genetic diagnosis.
  • SD-101. Though in late stage development, the product is set to treat skin blistering and lesions connected with the rare genetic connective tissue disease Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).
  • ATB200/AT2221 – a paradigm that encompasses enzyme replacement enzymes and pharmacological chaperone to treat Pompe disease.
  • Novel enzyme replacement therapy meant to cure Fabry disease


Ongoing studies:


At Amicus Therapeutics, studies are underway to provide a unique Enzyme Replacement Therapy for Lysosomal Storage Disorders (Crunchbase). Further, a research team is currently working on a Protein replacement therapy for the CDKL5 deficiency. The CDKL5 deficiency is a disorder that manifests itself right from infancy and if not treated may lead to paralysis, visual impairment, scoliosis, sensory impairment and gastrointestinal complications.




Amicus Therapeutics believe in Ethics and compliance in the execution of their daily activities. Further, the company supports programs aimed at fostering patient care with the provision of medical, scientific and educational data to all stakeholders of the company. As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Amicus Therapeutics offers charitable contributions to disadvantaged members of the community and offers educational grants. When undertaking such activities, high priority is given to individuals with or have their beloved ones suffering from CDKL5 deficiency, Epidermolysis Bullosa, and Lysosomal Storage Disorders.


Amicus Therapeutics Leads The Way In Rare And Orphan Disease Research

Amicus Therapeutics is a leading biotechnology company that supports treatment for rare diseases worldwide. The company’s mission is to research and produce pharmaceuticals to treat rare and orphan diseases known as lysosomal storage disorders. Amicus Therapeutics was privately held by venture capitalists until 2007 when the company became an IPO and publicly traded on the NASDAQ. Their company headquarters are in Cranbury, New Jersey.


John Crowley is the CEO of Amicus Therapeutics and has held this position since 2010 (MarketWatch). John Crowley is a well-respected biotechnology entrepreneur, and is the co-founder of Novazyme Pharmaceuticals. John’s leadership skills have helped focus the business on patient driven success. Every employee at Amicus Therapeutics is dedicated to the improvement of those born with rare or orphan diseases. Their business model embraces ethics, compliance and integrity in everything all parts of the company.


Amicus Therapeutics is one of a handful of biotechnology companies who are developing drugs for a small sector of the population who are affected by lysosomal storage disorders. The company has several important drugs in production: Migalastat is a drug formulated to treat patients with Fabry disease. Fabry disease is a rare genetic disorder in which the human body cannot release fat due to a lack of enzymes in the body. A second drug in production is SD-101, a treatment for the genetic tissue disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa. Amicus Therapeutics focus is on researching the effectiveness of novel enzyme replacement therapies and biologics,which are genetically engineered proteins processed from human genes.


Orphan diseases are classified by the USDA as diseases that affect less than 200,000 people in the United States (GoogleFinance). Due to the nature of rare and orphan diseases research in this sector has been historically underfunded. Amicus Therapeutics received a financial helping hand in 2010 from the Michael J. Fox Foundation in the form of a grant for $500,000. In the same year Amicus Therapeutics was granted $210,300 from the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation. Amicus Therapeutics purchased the biotechnology company Callidus Biopharma in 2013, and Scioderm in 2015. The company continues to grow as they work towards important biotechnology therapies.